Friday, May 1, 2015

ARB Remote Fridge Monitor

Click image above to see official product release on ARB's webpage.

The ARB fridge-freezer is arguably one of the overlander’s best friends. Freedom from ice replenishment duties, perfect chardonnay temps to convince your wife to come along for the trip, or perhaps it’s simply your turn to bring the beer. Whatever your reason, a fridge-freezer is very rewarding and useful luxury item.

One of the pitfalls to carrying a fridge inside the confines of a vehicle are the inconsistent ambient temperatures it faces. At times you may find yourself chugging along at highway speeds with the windows up and the A/C blowing and other times your engine is off and the fridge is baking in the sun. To make matters worse, fridge-freezers are almost never mounted in a convenient location to monitor the temperature display effectively. So what’s an overlander to do?

Until now, you were forced to check the temperature reading in between fuel stops or upon arriving at camp. That’s where ARB’s new Remote Fridge Monitor comes into play. This slick piece of kit wirelessly transmits information to a small backlit display mounted in the cab of your vehicle. Information is fed to the receiver via an easily mounted wireless transmitter. You now have the ability to monitor compressor usage, internal temps and voltage all within the comfort of the drivers seat. And if you find yourself with two fridges, you can monitor the second fridge by purchasing an additional transmitter. At only $80 USD, it’s a steal!

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